priming a chalkboard…

Have you ever bought a chalkboard, get it home and it sucks? I have, I have even thrown out a couple because I did not know you were suppose to prime your chalkboard.

priming a chalk board

1) cover the entire chalkboard surface with chalk, use the side and in all directions… left to right, top to bottom, criss cross, just make sure there is a hefty layer of chalk.

2) wipe with a damp cloth.


2 damp cloth

3) wipe dry

and you are done….

I made these with inexpensive plastic trays from target & lined them with chalkboard contact paper. I am going to use them to take photographs on my kids first day of kindergarten.


5 thoughts on “priming a chalkboard…

    • I use chalkboards for everything- menues, reminders, notes, etc… I never knew but noticed that my crappy boards if I didn’t throw them out got better over time… so why not make them work the first go around?

      Thanks for visiting.

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