no more excuses…

Did I mention I am moving? And my kids started school this past Monday and my husband was away at a conference on the other side of the world until yesterday? So all of my ambition for my new town, my new-ish home (we are still between residences) and my new found time have taken a bit of detour… In another words I am still dreaming…

One of the things I am dreaming of is laundry… what laundry? yes that stuff… I have decided this is my new job (one of them). Once I detested it… it was the very last things I wanted to do.. still is, but now I have no excuse. My newly schooled kids are no longer hanging off of me, rearranging piles of sorted laundry or ‘helping’ me to fold the clothes that lay limp and wrinkled in the laundry basket. I can actually fold straight from the dryer!

My Next DIY project will be making my own laundry detergent… I will be using this tutorial from the  Why Not Sew? blog. I can not wait to share with you my own experiences with this recipe. The bonus is it is suppose to save a lot of money, now only if it could save me some time too.  Then I could get to the bills, the dishes, the vacuuming, dusting, meals, packed lunches et al.




4 thoughts on “no more excuses…

  1. Just when you think that having them in school will free up your time, you get to take on all of the new chores that come with have school-age kiddos – homework time, packing lunches, teacher conferences, bake sales – etc., etc. And the paperwork from the school – if yours is anything like mine, you end up with more homework than the kids! 😉

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