still trying to do better…

Last week I said “I Can Do Better” and kinda left it at that.

I can do better at what? Being a mother, a wife, a friend, a daughter. I can do better at home, I can be better to myself… All of these things. And it is a struggle. I have new routines, a new environment, new responsibilities… At times I think the possibilities are endless and other times they feel so overwhelming that I just may collapse into myself.

So today, despite my mounting to do list, I went to my studio, a new space for me, to organize boxes, fabric and supplies. What I discovered is: the possibilities are endless.  I just need to put my shit away, pick one thing and do better.

How do you do better?


One thought on “still trying to do better…

  1. I’m fumbling through it every single day! Needy kids and a husband with a crazy schedule makes it hard for gals like us to feel/hear ourselves, which is pretty effing important when you rely on bring able to *feel* to express and create.

    Last summer I sort of hit the wall and went to the ocean for 2 days and nights, BY MYSELF. Such a small thing, but really, I can’t recommend it highly enough.

    Get away for how ever much time you can squeeze in, and shut the world off. Browse fabric, go to a museum, walk on the beach and drink a shizit-load of wine! 🙂

    Then you can come back to the everyday stuff with fresh eye and hopefully, a little jolt of inspiration to get things chugging. I’d be happy to come up and help you unpack one of these days. Give me a shout, mamacita. 😉

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