My new look…

It started off with a new friend telling me about her free business cards… We had just met and and we were telling one another about our blogs (Commercial Fishing Mom) when she pulled out a slick business card and I had nothing. I wrote my info down on a scrap piece of paper. You know the type that usually gets crumpled up and lost at the bottom of the bag type? She mentioned her card was free… Free?! and told me to check out There is always a fee but I kinda expected that; shipping & extra editing (that I did not go for yet) but with the price of printer ink and card stock, paying for the shipping still makes it cheaper than making my own (and I usually like to make everything myself)…

This is what I ordered.

Simple with room to grow- and being the freebie I feel like I can afford to change it if it is not quite what I like. When I get my corresponding shop, I would like to add that.

That is when one of my friends popped up on Facebook and chimed in with, we can work with this and design you  corresponding aspects for your blog, shop and page. So that is when Tehlia from Shop Etsy got to work. She loves doing this… and I kept asking her to change this or that, or the ‘what if we’ when what really it is ‘you’ did this… You know the annoying client bit. She always said yes, gave input and came up with something pretty unique. I love my new site, now to make it reflect her hard work!

Facebook Fan Page

Make sure you stop by her blog(s) and see what she is up to… she wants to do this for others.

Cheers & happy Friday everyone.


2 thoughts on “My new look…

  1. I love this! Nice work on the cards and I love what your friend designed for you!! Now I want to go do some redesigning…and don’t forget; the fun with vista print starts now. Pay for one pen and get ten additional items with your logo on them for free! Postcards, magnets, car magnets, posters, bags, shirts, banners, keychains…:) No, I don’t work for them but I love getting things in the mail! I design and order things for free for the kids, too, w/o my logo. It’s fun for them!

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