Sneak Peek.

The first things are coming out of my studio– Here is a sneak peek.

Stuff Sacks for plastic shopping bags… No more filling a drawer, or haphazardly throwing under the sink.  Just hang on a hook in your laundry room, entry way or where you need to remember to ‘bring a bag’. I know ideally one should have their cloth bags when they go shopping- I myself have tonnes, but there are always times I forget to bring them and come home with a few plastic bags. I am not going to throw them out, adding unwanted waste to the landfills. I keep them for other projects, use them for storage or take a few with me on my next shopping trip.

There will be more, different colours & patterns…

And if you are looking for projects for your plastic bags, why not re-purpose them? Click the image to see what the talented gals at Seed Stitch Fine Yarns in Salem MA do with them!

crochet minnow

If you have any questions or are interested in these ones shoot me an email…



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