Family: A Handmade Home

Not everything in my home is handmade, but when I can I Do, do It Myself and handmake many of the things my family uses in our home. A very satisfying DIY project was making my own laundry soap. It is very strange to me that in just a couple generations many of the things that were daily chores have now become obsolete and that I can make my families clothes clean by exerting just a bit more energy. So one of the reasons for incorporating more handmade into the home is for Family.  The example I set now with my children will stay with them for life. My daughter  Billie especially mimics that, coming up with all sorts of things for the home that she has made.

Straw Holder By Billie

It is just little things but I know her and her brother both see the extra effort that I put into the home. And when my son flies away in his helicopter I know he is proud that his mamma made it for him.

Trick or Treating… He flew everywhere.

Don’t forget to read Billie’s DIY feature in Today’s Handmade.

Do you think a handmade home is important for your family?


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