I never thought I was a colour person… growing up I was a moody teenage artist so my colour of choice was black (I know, not a colour). However as I age (ahem) I find that I am looking at colour a whole different way. Right now I am inspired by green, and not just the lush forest green- I live in a temperate rain forest but the lighter hues, chartreuse, moss, lime, or any green that looks likes it has the promise of growth.  I think it is beginning to rub off too, because my husband has started buying me green things.

Vintage Depression era Glass pedestal dish.

What is your favourite colour? Why?


2 thoughts on “Colour

  1. However you choose to spell colour is fine with me and so is green. I love it. It is actually my favorite color all through childhood and now. I love the color but find it interesting that I have never had much of it in my home other then in Plants. I crave the green (all greens) of plants. Found a nice patch of moss that has come off the roof. It now lives in the living room and gets spritzed with water every time I pass it.

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