Goals And Intentions.

At the last moment my husband I have decided to not go away (boo but yay)… That means I get extra time, with extra time I get to work on my goals and intentions…

I am a mompreneur, meaning I am trying to build my ideal career from home and look after my family. I have noticed there are two main camps, those that look for the best way to make money and those that look for fulfilment. Sometimes they go hand in hand other times they don’t. I have chosen fulfilment (apparently for me, not the best way to make money). I want to be passionate about what I do, I want it reflected in my craftsmanship and the quality of the work that I do. I am also doing most of this myself, I don’t have a large budget that some other businesses do, but I do have time and am fortunate to have family that support me. Therefore I don’t want to disappoint, that is why it is time to get serious set gaols and intentions.  As some might say, “shit or get off the pot”.

So don’t laugh, but my goal is to sell one thing this weekend (begging, pleading even). And my intention is to Bring My A Game.

Do you have goal and intentions,are they attainable? What inspires you to do them?


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