Are you ready?

Are you ready? I am not ready. What am I talking about? The official kick off of holiday shopping. The dreaded Black Friday. I am from Canada so our huge shopping day is Boxing Day– Dec 26th (yes the day after Chritmas, the day that all the retailers no longer have the need of those themed decorations? They get rid of them at crazy insane prices- and a whole bunch of other goodies that they specifically held off for the occasion).

I have never been much of a must get it sale shopper, even though I do enjoy a good bargain, I am not willing to stand in line in the wee hours of morning to save a few bucks… If you think about it and charge yourself a per hour rate plus transportation, you haven’t saved a cent. However since joining the throngs of online sellers I have had to pay attention to those things. Online + shopping = no lines…

Originally I was dedicating the next two weeks to making stuff, day in and day out for both of my shops A Kitschy Kitchen and My Studio Bellingham, but as always things never happen as planned. My Studio B-ham caught the attention  of a local retailer and now I have been invited to contribute wares for it and I have been approached with a pretty significant custom order. I am both excited and petrified.

I guess I am not ready but you never know until you try. re: Bringing my A Game.

Cheers,  & let me know about your coping strategies for the holidays, maybe we can support one another.

ps… if you want to follow along for sale updates (I will be having one soon) you can follow along on my Facebook page.


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