Very Successful Week & a chance to do better.

I am having a very successful week and it is only Wednesday…I Made a sale yesterday in one of my etsy shops and it was a biggy.

Since the many changes on the etsy site,  my sales that were somewhat consistant plummeted to nil… boo, so getting a sale for four aprons in one go made my day. The buyer has also indicated that they need four more… so make make make I will.

The other biggy was meeting with a retailer that wanted stock from my other shop. And that went very well. So well in fact I now have my work cut out for me over the next week(s) and beyond.

I actually caught myself saying today “maybe this is my lucky break”… I then scolded myself because lucky it is not. I have been working hard on this every minute that I could spare for nearly two years now plus the previous 3 I spent raising infant children and before that the 4 years learning art, design & craftsmanship.  I don’t think this is a lucky break but a chance to do better.

… and as I was typing this another custom order for this style went out the door… 

There will be more aprons in time for christmas just at a slower rate.


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