Do Not Disturb, I am busy.

The posts are slowing down… I am busy. I want to put a sign on my back that says DO NOT DISTURB… I want to be left alone to make and create and do all that fun funky stuff I do in my studio.

The Goofy Muse on Etsy

Instead I am going to birthday parties, cleaning rooms (epic), grocery shopping, paying bills etc! All this and I am skipping yoga too…

Time to find some balance.


4 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb, I am busy.

  1. Creativity and the chaos of kids and daily life don’t mix well! If I had my druthers, I’d be one of those writers who secludes themselves in some tiny cabin out in the middle of nowhere for months. Imagine how productive I could be if I weren’t getting interrupted by the phone or the kids every 5 minutes.

    Sigh. :\

    • My husband I muse about how we are a whole different level of busy with children than we were as a childless couple. That really our down time is still on. The only way to escape that is to just drop everything and leave. I will take my bust time and “non”busy time and make the most of it.

  2. I totally understand you. It’s always so upsetting to miss yoga class or your home practice. When I do, I remember the words of my teacher in India who said that I should practice non-attachment – and that being attached to your daily practice is part of that too. He said that one needs to accept that at times there’s other things that require our attention (be it the loved ones or things that cannot be further postponed) and that letting go of that anger and frustration is practising yoga as well. 🙂

    • Thanks for the reminder to let go, I will come back to my yoga practice in due time. Right now my practice is the art of juggling life and all of its demands. Family, work & play. Cheers.

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