The Making of Super Boy & Play

My Making Frenzy is almost over… I got a day or two reprise from having to have everything ready for Black Friday… Meaning I have time to play with my kids….

One of the requests from the local retailer was for Boy Items… Having both boy and girl twins I know that boys usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to fun options. Knowing that time was of the essence and having another request for capes I decided to add them to my repertoire… then the obvious masks… because what little boy doesn’t want to be a Super Hero?

Here is my son sporting the mock up… and loving it.

I will jump on the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday bandwagon and have a SALE in my Shops. Starting tomorrow (well from now-ish till the end of Monday PST) use BESMALL to save 10% off in both shops My Studio & A Kitschy Kitchen.

Cheers and Hope all had a good day today.


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