Holiday Preparation. Cyber Monday. Cozy- what do they all have in Common?

Well if you are me, everything! Now that Black Friday is over, we can get onto Cyber Monday. I am still working on building my stock back up in my shops  (My Studio & A Kitschy Kitchen) but I think I came up with a reasonable solution. Gift Certificates! Yes not a Novel idea but presentation  is everything so I wanted to package them in a pleasing way. Introducing the Gift Certificate Cozy.

Why a Gift Certificate Cozy? Because often times the gift certificate is rather impersonal. It may not be representative of the the giver nor the gift. My shops are not a big box store but small and unique. I wanted to reflect that. I know as we count down to the Holidays our brains get taxed and we run out of ideas but that is where I come in. Let me help. You Have Options!

I am Offering Gift Certificates in increments of $25 dollars*. They can only be used in the Shop that they are purchased from… A Kitschy Kitchen or My Studio. Each will come with a cozy, a Gift Certificate with To/From, message and instructions on how to redeem.

Until Midnight Monday November 28 PST I will be having a BESMALL sale to save 10% that includes the GC’s In Both Shops!

If you want another amount or just want the cozy to add your own GC(s) let me know… We can work Something out. I will be making more Cozies! So you may or may not get the ones seen here!


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