Salt Dough Ornaments, DIY with the help of little Hands.

Salt Dough Ornaments so simple that even your Kids can do!  Which is great, because mine are eager to make and do what mummy does. I really want to emphasise handmade & homemade and the best way to do that is get little hands doing!

We rolled out our dough and made a pine needle impressions, then used a star cookie cutter.

Don’t forget to poke holes in them before they dry!

The longest part is the drying- in the oven on a low temperature for a few hours or air dry for a few days. Once they are dry I will let my kids paint & then varnish a couple. I think I will leave several the natural dough colour, but I will see where inspiration takes me.

Recipe for Salt Dough

  • 1 cup regular table salt
  • 2 cups white flour
  • 1 cup luke warm water.
Combine all ingredients in a bowl, form a dough and then turn out to knead… work it for about 5 mins, the longer you do it the smoother it will get.
Roll out to desired thickness… I wanted my thin, but they were harder to work with at this consistency. Also roll out on to parchment paper or a baking sheet, something that you can move them around on.
I baked mine on a low temp for about half an hour to get the drying process started. I then moved them on to a cooling rack. Baking them will curl the edges when thin and my or may not change the colour of the dough.
Next up we will paint!
If you make some share a link!


30 thoughts on “Salt Dough Ornaments, DIY with the help of little Hands.

  1. OK MiMi – this brings back lots of wonderful memories. Using the pine needle impression is brilliant. Can’t wait to see them painted by the twins. I agree to keep some “au naturele” is a great idea.

    • Hi Nancy, I have seen them with food colouring, but i have never done it myself.. I have heard it is messy at first and that latex gloves are recommended for handling it… i just like letting my kids go to town with the paints (probably as messy or even more in the end).

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  3. Thanks for the recipe, I remember doing these as a kid with my crafty aunt, sweet memories! How long will they keep for? and do you have to varnish the ones left au natural ?

    • Hi Kristal,

      Most of the natural ones that I did not varnish got soft and moldy, a couple that were stored in a dry place survived… As a kid I painted & varnished them and lasted into my adult years… The trick is patiently waiting for them to dry completely before painting and then drying again before varnishing, then storing in a dry place. Either way they are fun to make!



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    • My kids and I made about 25-30 small (1-1.5″) … I think I would do two batches for a class size… The only reason I squeezed out so many is because I re-rolled & re-rolled to make the most of it… If it had been up the kids half of it would have been wasted. Cheers & have fun!

    • Hi Sarah, I apologize for my late response… I was traveling… Some people leave them out for several days before painting, but a few hours in a low tempt oven should do the trick. (Warm oven may warp & colour them).

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  10. When you say ‘varnish’ what are you using to seal it? I currently have mod podge on hand and was wondering if that would do? I’m looking to make it last so I can do this with my daycare class and their parents can keep it forever!

    • Hi Carla, I use a krylon clear varnish, but make sure they are super dry! I don’t have much experience with mod podge but it would probably work too… Again make sure they are dry all the way through! Ps… I am deleting this blog soon, so if you need the recipe save it now!!!

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