The Painted Salt Dough Stars…

Well it was my intention  to leave a few  of the Salt Dough Ornaments unpainted… but my husband is away and and doing crafts with the kids is a small price to pay for sanity- I will gladly offer up what ever I have to  paint to be painted!!! Besides I saved some more dough and I have the most adorable little gingerbread cookie cutters to play with… Maybe those ones will be all mine!

As the mother and the only one whose opinion counts when it comes to my kids crafts, I think they did a pretty good job. Though I am not sure whose is whose? Next time I will put their names on the back. I am almost certain any with pink may be Billie’s and any with black, Elijah’s (current favourite colours).

What crafty things are you doing for the holidays- school break is coming up!



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