The Candy Train.

Are we there yet? My kids remember the year via holidays, to them the new year starts with their birthday… in June… then it is Halloween, then it is Christmas, Easter and back to their birthday again… I think it is because on those events they get Candy. So the Candy Train is leaving the house today.

This is but a small portion of what is left in my house, and of what is left that is an even smaller portion of what came in. I would love to relax about it but my kids as most do, do not understand moderation and have been on a week long sugar high… So bye bye Candy Train we are getting off.


2 thoughts on “The Candy Train.

  1. ah yes. i remember stacey never even TASTED processed sugar until she was about 3 or 4. keep up the good fight. you’re gonna lose against the media machine, but i’m on your side. happy new year!

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