A surprise Visit from the Tooth Fairy: Milestones

With Christmas out the door, and the New Year around the corner my daughter unexpectedly lost a tooth. No wiggle, no nothing. We had no idea, the tooth was firmly set in her jaw and then it wasn’t.

It was Dinner time, my husband was on the phone talking to a friend about the New Year, I was organizing, cleaning and cooking. My Daughter was hollering at the both of us… “Mommy Mommy, Daddy Daddy”…. in a high pitched urgent way. Both of us in separate rooms thought the other had it, until she came bursting into the room I was in, a gaping hole in her grin & a tiny tooth in her hand.

We cleaned it and a set it in a small bowl. After dinner daddy watched a show with her and her brother and I went out to my studio to make a tiny bag worthy of a tiny tooth.  (Thank you to all the mummies that recommended this.) The Tooth Fairy found it easily and when my daughter woke up, she had her single dollar bill tucked neatly inside.

More than any event this year, turning five, starting kindergarten,moving across country et al, I think this single milestone is what she will remember most. She recognises that this is something special and it only happens once.

Tooth Fairy at work, by Billie Frances Carroll

Twin brother is not far behind, there may be some wiggle in the same bottom front tooth, and she already has another wiggle in the neighbouring one.

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