Practice: Sketchbook Day 6

Practice. Sketchbook

When I opened my computer this morning for todays Sketchbook challenge my first reaction was to recoil. Abstract Expressionism?! In school I struggled with this. It was not my thing, even though I had always appreciated it I just could not do it. My work always looked like something.

Years later, I am still struggling with the ‘abstract’ concept. I just can not let go and just do. I think way to hard about what my work should look like. So here it is my abstract piece, Day 6. I tried to limit myself to just a couple materials and let the mediums do what they do best… Water colour , Ink  &  Chalk.

My first thought was to just do a field of red… then I added the black, cross hatching, scribbles, more red, more black… then I added white chalkboard chalk, nothing fancy…oh then a little yellow… Still looks like a landscape though.

There you have it… we’ll chalk this one up to practice.


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