Finding time to be creative.

I, like most people am busy and probably like most people, my time management sucks. I have to get better at it, others wise my ambitious year, will be again a year of should have, could have and would have beens…. Sigh, if only I had the time.

I am thinking of strategies to reclaim some lost time. ie, get off the computer, or when I am on it, use it as a tool and not as strictly an entertainment device.

Multitask  better…. if I am waiting for something to finish- laundry, dinner, chores, rather than turning to the computer, do something creative.Pick up my sketchbook, embroidery, sewing project or photography.

My second biggest time waster and probably the number one reason I don’t finish many projects is: I don’t know where stuff is. When it comes to creative projects and I want a certain tool, supply or material, I can not find it, I spend 5-10, 30 minutes or more looking for IT… and then my time, the time I have allotted myself for the project is nearly over. Give everything a home and put everything in it’s home [when done with it put it away].

One list down.

I’m pretty impressed, I used my drippy painting practice  that I would have thrown out, while giving my kids their after school snack and thinking about ways I could save time (3 things is about all I can manage when it comes to multitasking). 


4 thoughts on “Finding time to be creative.

  1. Hi wonderful Megan…I have recently re-connected with your Mom (quite by accident). I am also thrilled to learn that Sebastian is actualy a student at the school I work in, and I have talked to him a couple of times since. What a wonderful young man. I have come in search of your blog…and here I am. Similar to you with your lack of organization, I also suffer from C.H.A.O.S (Can’t have anyone over syndrome) cause things are always so topsy turvey and nothing is where it should be….clutter, clutter, clutter everywhere. So, I am trying (for the one hundredth time) to use a website called Check it out, it seems a bit tedious and contrite, but it does work. I have had some success, and things certainly feel better when I follow it. Let me know what you think. I wonder about you often, and would love to keep in touch. Much Love, Maureen

  2. I really need to work on this too. I like what you wrote about the computer “use it as a tool and not as strictly an entertainment device.”

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