Sketchbook Catch Up

I have a few days of Sketchbook Catch Up so bare with me please. Some very good friends from the U.K. came for a visit.  And my ambitious project got slowed down. Day 7 I only looked at my sketchbook, even though I had the best intentions and had even ‘planned’ to make time to work on creating daily (an online class I am taking by Alisa Burke), time just got away from me (ironically the theme of today’s class, #9). I ended up writing about the day rather than doing the exercise.Yesterday I did Both  7 & 8 and today I am back on track with #9.

Starting with my Journal.

Then putting my self in my place.

I have been wearing my my emergency flats, wich are essentially slippers out & about,

it was time to go shoe shopping.

1st pair

2nd pair

My New Shoes.

Finally Catching up, exploring drips.

Love the way the orange and yellow mated.

Used my Daughter’s pan Paints… Why not?

And now I am out of time and the rest will have to wait till after dinner….


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