Creditcard Organization

A few weeks ago my wallet finally bit the dust, since that time I have been carrying everything loose in my purse. My creditcards, ID and cash scattered with the receipts, keys and other miscellaneous odds and ends. I have been on the perfect wallet search with little luck, but then it hit me, what do I really need a fancy wallet for? I just carry around more things when I have one. I was making simple gift card cozies for christmas and my recommended use for post holiday giving was as a creditcard organizer/business card/ ID holder. Duh, why wouldn’t I make one for myself?! A perfect little solution.

Bankcards, ID, Businesscards, Cash… all that I need.

For sale in my shops: My Studio & A Kitschy Kitchen.

Clutch made by the talented Jen at Itty Bitty Bag co.


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