Graffiti style: Sketchbook inspiration.

One of my latest ‘assignments’ for my creativity class was to find graffiti and use that for inspiration.

*notice the last line on the chalkboard…. Suddenly the lack of random Graffiti around town made sense to me.

Is it a chicken? This is after all Bellingham.

I like the ‘my name is’ type stickers.

A Hieroglyphic feel.

Beautiful Script.

Have I mentioned how I feel about text?

I didn’t even notice this graffiti, I was too busy staring at the coal train…

“I trusted you”

And who doesn’t want to know the story behind this one?

Love the Boldness of the colours.

I discovered, this town is not big on graffiti, I walked down alleys that were completely devoid of it. Coming from a more urban environment, I was thrown for a loop. My examples are more creative than the straight up tagging that is normally seen in large city centres…. once again reminding me that I live in a small town, but loving the idea that the artistic side of graffiti is encouraged.

Back to creating daily…


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