Sketchbook Self Portrait.

One of my projects for my create daily class was taking a self portrait… I hate the camera (well I love taking photographs of things and other people). I tried in vain and deleted nearly everyone of them and the ones I kept were just for proof that I did in fact attempt assignment.

My sketchbook and creating daily is going so well, but I have taken it off the pages and applied to nearly everything I do… So today, I repeated the exercise.  I wanted some fun apron pictures for my etsy shop’s profile and something that I could use for advertising if I choose to go that route. Who better to sell my aprons than me?

Here is me trying to Fun it up and Still be Glamorous.

…and as promised there is a Sale for my aprons for 15% off

 use the coupon code BEMINE at check out

All the images will link you to my Etsy Shop.


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