Tutorial Tuesday : Ooh La La French Seams

As you have probably figured out by now I like things a little fancy. I especially like adding fancy touches to my sewing projects, especially my aprons. Aprons have to be strong and durable, they have to withstand everyday use and frequent washings. My aprons are no different, so that is why when I can, I fully finish the seams either by using bias tape or completing the raw seam with a fancy dancy finish- the french seam is my favourite, so I use it when I can.

This works best for straight edges and some curves but you have to press carefully.

1. With your fabric Wrong sides together Sew a Seam 1/4″ .

2. Press the seam open, flat.

3.Fold over so that the right sides are together, give a quick press so that the seam is is flat and at the very edge & sew a  1/3″ seam allowance

4.You have now encased your raw edge and created a neat little seam.

It is very easy and just as quick as other methods. This is for 5/8″ seam allowance but if you are careful you can make it bigger or smaller for different uses. Like I said some curves are fine, just press carefully.

I love finishing seams like this on my aprons (or just about anything), it adds a nice touch and a serves a purpose, because you don’t want your seams unravelling even if you feel like you are about to. It is all about the glamour.

ps… just noticed a typo on the last photo collage… ssh don’t tell anyone.


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