Dresses for little Girls & Pants for a Sophisticated young Man.

This was the Post I had planned on doing while on vacation.

But first a bit about our mini vacation.

Each year my husband attends a Huntington’s Disease therapeutics meeting in Palm Springs. This meeting is instrumental for dialogue, kick starting ideas, debating and sharing between scientists, members of the HD community and others who have a vested interest. The fantastic location, organization and events make it a place of rejuvenation and meditation. Ideas are born and bred here.

Most years I get to tag along and for the past two years we have brought our children. It is an excellent way for them to be a part of daddy’s work, learn about HD through osmosis and feel a connection to him. Someday (if no cure or therapeutic is found) he will succumb to this disease.

The meeting is held at the Parker Palm Springs. An oasis in the desert that has Petanque courts (the french version of lawn bowls), Croquet sets, outdoor fire pits, lemonade stand, a couple of different pools and several other amenities. This place is a convenient play ground for the rich and famous- our hotel babysitter had indicated that she or one of her colleagues had on one or another occasion babysat for Brad & Angelina (nobody at the resort is allowed to say for sure). And I have to admit I have a weakness for glamour,  I want to play the part by buying new outfits and behaving like a movie star… my husband and our wallet usually stop me, so I got inventive this year. I bought my swimsuit from etsy, and I made designer worthy kid cloths for my tots. 

First Up A simple Sun Dress For Billie.

Lounge pants for Elijah (running from the camera, the hammock was way more fun than posing for mummy).

And Finally Billie Rocked this Dress!

More dresses, and simple sewing tutorials to come. Maybe even a dress or two in My Studio Etsy shop. I have scraps of fabric too small for aprons but the prefect size for making sun dresses.

And now that I have come down from my post vacation high, life and reality have set back in, it is time to refocus my passion once again on making.



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