The Dreaded Soap Scum….

I had to Share this!

We have done a lot of moves in the past couple of years due to my husbands job and each time we move I clean as we leave one and clean as we move into the next. Most residences have been cleaned before we move in, and my job is just the polishing touches. However one of the house we moved into was not so clean, some surfaces had a token wipe down and others hadn’t even been touched. The bathrooms in particular grossed me out, they had only been surfaced cleaned, fine for emergency use but by my standards not something I intended to live with.

The master bath & the one we used everyday, I cleaned with baking soda and when that didn’t work, borax. The borax took several applications and a lot of scrubbing- I used toothbrushes, scouring pads and bristle brushes. The soap scum was obviously several years generations old. The second smaller bathroom was too depressing and too much, I disinfected the surfaces we use but left the shower stall. But then we had company coming and I wanted them to have their own space while they were visiting so once again I got out the scrub brushes. However I did not have the time to devote to it- could I let them use my bathroom instead of the multiple borax applications?  I was just about to and then I saw a miracle concoction on Pinterest.  I googled around to see if others had had success with it and they had, with little time and nothing to loose I gave it a shot. Two ingredients, Blue Dawn & White Vinegar.

I sprayed down the shower stall and for good measure sprayed it in the master bath as well: two kids = ring around the tub & soap scum.

I honestly thought when we moved in that the lower colour was the colour of the fixtures….There was not only a visual difference but one you could feel as well. The top part was smooth where as the bottom felt rough and gritty.

Miracle Soap Scum Recipe

  • 1/2 cup Blue Dawn (every source insisted on the Blue)
  • 1/2 cup warm white vinegar (2 mins in microwave or stove top)

Combine in a Spray Bottle and liberally spray your surfaces. Then wipe off, no scrub brush is needed… if it doesn’t come clean the first time repeat….  I only had to touch up the heavily used areas. Rinse off with water and voila!


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