Short & Sweet… my day in Seattle (2 hrs)

A really really fast Gallery tour to see ceramics presented in Seattle WA for the NCECA conference.

The first are by the ceramic artist Christa Assad.

Christa Assad

Christa Assad

Christa Assad

These are painted canvas with spray paint & cans with the same graffiti motifs.

I was power  walking to get to the galleries before they closed yet I still stopped to take random photos of my environment. The above was inspired by Christa Assad’s paint cans.

As it was later in the day and the sun was setting. The sun was hitting the Columbia building in such a way that, it when walking up the hill appeared in such away that the streep lamp was lighting it.

Ben Pranger

Did I mention I was power walking (in 5″ heels I might add)? Here is a ‘Collection’ of found heels over a couple year time period … found at the Fictilis Gallery.

Back to Ceramics…

By Alwyn O’Brien

‘Conversations with Objects’ at the James Harris Gallery.

I am especially excited to say that she is alumni! She graduated the year before I did from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, completed her MFA from the University of Washington and is now a sessional at Emily Carr.

What struck me most from this piece was the conversation the light was having with the table. I only wish I had my big camera with me and could have done her work justice.

Alwyn O’brien

I think I am going to stop here with these images…. I took many more in such a short period of time… I didn’t in most cases get the artists’ name or their credentials… I will do more research and post images of them in a later post. I am inspired again to start creating and making, this just may have been a pivotal moment in my life.


2 thoughts on “Short & Sweet… my day in Seattle (2 hrs)

  1. Megan you have caught the moment!!
    I have been looking at your handy work since your mum forwarded your sight!

    We are sitting in San Franscico airport on our way to Athens, I will show the family your beautiful works!!!
    You are traveling the world touching hearts

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