Had To take a Break… Spring Break.

Spring Break is a cruel joke… my kids are finally in school and then they hit us with all these days off…. meaning the time I have been making to pursue my goals gets put on hold. One of my goals was to be more active in the local arts community. Allied Arts of Whatcom County had a call for artist submissions in the form of a painted lampshade. Each lampshade will be displayed for two weeks and is part of a Silent Auction. I of course left my submission to the last minute, literally, final drop off date & time April 4, 5pm…. Guess what…  OK so I got it in by 3pm, not quite the last minute, but I honestly forgot about spring break, deadlines etc and I have been entertaining little people. I did get a lot of feed back and positive encouragement from my tots, who both patiently waited while I finish (ok, I bribed them). 

I titled it Bubbles for the Auction, maybe you can call them and make a bid…. my kids can attest, it is pretty awesome.

The equally awesome base is mine…. i just switched out my shade, I think it is a pretty good combo.


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