Wordless Wednesday- almost….

I do many things, paint, sew, ceramics, cook, clean,  and other random stuff (most of which drives my husband crazy). If there is a crafty, artsy fartsy hobby to be had, I have probably tried and declared it my new love (also drives the husband crazy). But One thing I do not do well is photo edit, I have over 34,000 photos in my digital folder. I love taking photographs and I love the immediacy of the digital format but I miss the darkroom (Yes I did that too).

Thinking about photoshop sends me into a tizzy, and I panic. I can sit at a potter’s wheel for hours, making mostly crap then destroying it, or at the sewing machine sewing yards of bias tape (I am awesome at that and wish it was something I could use as a marketable skill), but I do not have the patience to learn photoshop or work through the countless free online tutorials. So this month when picnik the online basic editor closed I had to find a new one: Picmonkey.com.  Suffice to say it is pretty cool and easy enough to use, so I do not have to freak out about learning photoshop just yet.


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