Art Tote bag made by my big Winnings!

This past February I won some fabric from Contemporary Cloth. I was at a scientific conference with my husband and all of his colleagues thought I was a bit batty for doing a little seat jig during lunch.

Wouldn’t you?

My Favourite little carry all bag finally bit the dust, so I picked it apart and made a new one with the lovely selection that I won. This is pretty much a mock up, I re-used the handles from the old one, a reusable tote from Lulu Lemon

This is just the first bag… I was so happy with it that I want to make another… and have a quick little giveaway! These are made with some pretty bold fabrics, if you would like to win one… One winner, just leave a comment in comments Ends Friday 9pm PST.


6 thoughts on “Art Tote bag made by my big Winnings!

  1. I’d have been chair-cha-cha myself! That bag is adorable, please count me in.
    shel704 at aol dot com

  2. Thank You all for playing along… says the winner is #3 Molly!!! Love it! Those fabrics are definitely worth getting jiggy over… I’ll email you with the deets…

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