Collaborations, a new Start and getting Stuff done.

I have a new collaborator! A very exciting Seattle based group- Showcase Seattle, who want to support local artists on a global stage. I had my first meeting with them last Tuesday and since then I have been digesting what we discussed. I am thrilled and excited and am ready to take my business to the next level.

I love making aprons and I love making the kitschy fun retro aprons, but they can take start to finish anywhere from *5hrs  to 3 days or more to make. Time wise not very efficient or cost effective.

So what does this have to do with taking my craft from hobby to business? One thing that Showcase Seattle got me thinking about was numbers, audience and experience.

Numbers, can I make enough aprons to meet my financial goals?

Audience, who has been my audience, can I open that up and reach a wider one?

What is the experience I offer and can I build on that and make it better?

I answered Heck Yeah, to all those questions. I am exponentially building momentum and launching a  new apron that I call the Modern Bistro Apron. Yes a modern apron but still with my signature style- designed by me, same quality, same attention to detail and same goal- to make you feel good about doing the things that you do everyday.

The Modern Bistro apron, is great for summer, outdoor entertaining, being the proprietor of your very own cafe serving drinks and plating entrees. It has  three large 9″ pockets to keep the tools of the trade and wrap around waist ties that are the signature of the bistro look- great for tucking a note pad or towel into.

Soon there will be complementary accessories and full Modern Bistro Aprons.  And as soon I am  on my way to reaching my goals I will continue to make the retro/vintage styled aprons.

Thank you Showcase Seattle. If anybody else is interested in this program here is how it works.

* 5-6hrs is my working day, my balance for being mummy to two 5yr olds, a wife and making sure I don’t get lost… plus somebody has to make fabulous meals.


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