Vegas Travel, and a mystery Sale!

I am going to Vegas next week and I know almost nothing about it except for A) the strip and B) we are close to the Grand Canyon… we will be hitting up both.

In honor of my first visit I am having a Sale… A mystery Sale in my apron shop… I don’t know what the discount will be but they will range between 10% & 50% Using couponcodes between SAVE1-6… I will roll a die vegas style, use or have my kids pull a number out of a hat. I will change it up every so often and will announce it on my facebook page, or twitter and update the side bar.

The first code is SAVE1 but that is going to change soon!

Here is what my  etsy research led to, I wanted to  see what others thought of it and what was memorable… I am looking forward to some great mid century Kitsch.

vegas treasury

Game on!


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