How to get Kids to Eat on a sick day.

I promised my little ones Grilled Cheese and Soup today… A nice simple comfort food and a perfect remedy for a sick day.

My son spent most of the day sleeping curled up in a thick blanket on pillows and my daughter most of the day colouring while I worked.  This is/was their first stay at home sick day since starting kindergarten.  I wanted a relatively easy  dinner so I could attend their needs and still finish my work, deadlines stop for no one, even for illness. They both ate very little during the day. Poor babes had little appetite so I had to make our regular meal more interesting to get some calories in them. My answer make it look like breakfast.

With aid of a waffle maker, simple grilled cheese sandwiches can be made to look fun… quick easy and definitely a hit.

Waffle Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

  • Butter the outsides of two slices of soft bread
  • Fill with sliced Cheese
  • Grill in a waffle maker
  • Garnish with Pickles & a dollop of Ketchup

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