New Simple Work.

It has been a while since I blogged anything, there has been a lot of shit stuff going on, so I had to drop all of my extra responsibilities and just focus on the important ones. However one that I did not drop was a  month long show of my work… egad!!!

Bellingham is so cute, each month they have an art walk, local businesses stay open late the first Friday of the month, showcasing local artists. I asked my yoga studio several months ago if I could be one of those artists and they said YES… Several months ago I did not know what my summer was going to be like or that I would have zero time to even think, plan and pull off a show.

Well I did it (well mostly- still gotta do the framing and promotion part).

First I picked a theme, FOOD

Trying to figure out if I should leave the lettering blank or fill it in like I did with the word Eat?! Suggestions?

Then I picked a goal, APPROACHABLE & AFFORDABLE.

Then I picked a method,  EMBROIDERY.

And I let process take over!

I wanted to look at commonalities things that others could identify with, a simple style and language that people could easily understand. My first show in a number of years it at the 3 oms yoga, often we talk about the Sutras, short simple & concise teachings or literally defined as  “a line or thread that holds things together“.  It made sense that for this show I’d chose thread as my medium. Sutra,  suere, and suture are all words coming from some form of sew. One thing that that brings us all together is food. We all need it, we all eat it, it is identifiable, and it has certain meaning to us all.

When completed most of them will be in 5″ hoops, the Eat Good Food will be a triptych.

If you are in the area, my show will be up the first week of September at the 3 oms yoga Studio! I will let you know if any of the dates or times change. When I have all the work completed I will add it to my shop for sale.



4 thoughts on “New Simple Work.

  1. I think it would be cool to fill in “Good” with red (like you did on the cup), and fill in food with black, since you were asking 🙂 These are fabulous! Love the theme and the results. Glad to see you have a creative outlet for these difficult times. p.s. LOVE the font!

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