Eat Good Food..

My work in situ at 3 Oms Yoga … I hung them like ornements to make them pop and emphasize the 3D of the stitches & hoops.. They were very well received, people had many stories about how they related to each of the images. One woman was reminded about her daughters fighting over who gets to hold the large side of the wishbone and one couple proudly told me about their kitchen renovation that included a special coffee nook.

Keeping with the good food theme I served  freshly made from scratch chocolate cupcakes and sangria that included local berries and homemade ginger ale.

If you are in Bellingham stop by take a yoga class and peek at my Eat Good Food themed embroidery hoops (sadly the snacks are gome, but I may be persuaded to make them again).

My write up & bio for the show.

Eat Good Food

My name is Megan (with a long e). I was born & raised in the Pacific Northwest (south west where I come from). I got my BFA at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design in Vancouver BC 2006. I live in Bellingham with my husband and 6yr old twins.

What I have to say about the small works that you see here:

I wanted to make something that people could identify with and what better than starting off with the idea of food? We all eat, it is something that we have to do everyday and there are many rituals and habits that surround the concept of food & eating. I believe that if you eat, you should Eat Good Food that you should savor it, be creative with flavors and relish in the traditions that surround it.

I felt like I couldn’t just paint or take photographs of food, that my idea needed some substance that would tie the idea of food, common experience and tradition together. In yoga we talk about the Sutras, short simple & concise teachings or literally defined as “a line or thread that holds things together”. It made sense that I would choose thread as my medium. Sutra, suere and suture are all words coming from some form of sew.

Why I chose the images I did:

$20 Fork Knife Spoon, should go without saying but what do we really know about these utensils? They are a relatively modern invention, especially the fork, before that we had our hands to tear, rip and shovel.

$20 The “Wish” Bone, a reminder about how we use food for ritual & tradition.

$20 The Whisk, when I first had the idea for this it was because I wanted to leave the situation I was in, I wanted to be whisked away… and what better than stirring things up?

$20 The Coffee cup, a simple morning ritual or a beverage shared and consumed promoting dialogue.

$20 The Cast Iron Skillet reminds me of good hearty meals.

$70 EAT GOOD FOOD Triptych. I believe above all not eating for the sake of eating.

There you go, now that I have started with this idea I want to see it grow. If you have suggestions, want to know more or have questions you can reach me here or at

Thank You,



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