Switching Gears…

We are well into the second week of school,  things are going well. It is good to be back into routine especially after our summer. 


After their boppa died (my father) and moving homes we welcome the change to get back into more normal things… I get to get back into my studio and start sewing again for my shop and for a christmas show in seattle, my husband restarts his job but this time as professer and the kids get to meet new kids in a pretty awesome school.

Time to switch gears from crazy hectic summer days to a more relaxed routine.

Do you find you welcome fall days?



One thought on “Switching Gears…

  1. I do love fall days! I know it can be hectic getting back into the school routine, I remember the days when my children were young and all of the stressful beginnings of a new school year. I wrote this week a post on my blog about parents and back to school jitters that you might find helpful. Here is the link: http://healingdepression.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/parents-and-back-to-school-jitters/

    Best of luck!


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