Experience is everything.

I am exhausted. My husband has been away for 6 days now and is still away for another 3. I started off strong but as the week wears on I get more and more tired, bitter, grumpy impatient, etc and so on… So what do you when that happens? Go out for ice cream… We went to a local shop that makes their brand themselves. They get their milk from local farms, use fresh local ingredients. So if you want an honest down right small town experience this is where you go for a cone. The ice cream made me happy, it made my kids happy but when it came time to pay I realized that I had left my cash at home (no cards venue).  Sensing melt down not only from my kids but from me as well…. I am pretty sure I looked as tired as I felt (feel) and I was sheepishly caught snapping at my daughter as she rifled through my purse looking for something I was already reaching for. The server smile and said not to worry, bring cash later… tonight, tomorrow, whenever you have time… It is Service like that that wins.

Chocolate Chip mint from Mallard Ice Cream


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