How to get kids to eat more, make it mini.

I am very busy these days with an upcoming  craft show and the A kitschy Kitchen apron shop.  The last thing I want to do is fight with my kids over what they are going to eat. So I have to creatively combine my love with all things food and getting them to eat. My kids like anything kid sized, why not deconstruct their food and reassemble in kid proportions?

 I much prefer see them eat the food on their plate than waste another belly full that some one else could have eaten. They can always ask for more.


Easy Peasy Home made Burgers a kid friendly version: serving 6-8 depending on their appetite.

  • 1 lb of Beef, for these burgers I ground it myself (I don’t like fillers).
  • salt & pepper

Combine and formed into mini patties but make them a bit larger than you want. Using local organic or beef you grind yourself has more fat  and I find you  don’t need a binder but they will shrink up more than regular lean beef. Cook as many as you need and freeze the rest…

Either make your own buns (I’ll share my favourite recipe in another post) or buy slider sized buns at most local chains… Remember bigger is not always better, they are kids and their tummies are small.

Other things that work too: Taco’s, charcuterie plates, pizza, soba noodles with added veg, basically anything they can construct themselves.


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