Handmade Modern Aprons & Retro Vintage Inspired!

I have been frantically making away and I am excited to show off my latest handmade aprons!

First up the Penelope Style Apron! I have nick named it this because I like the way it sounds.

What says Good food like cherry pie? This fun and flirtatious half apron features an assortment of cherries, soft lines and contrasting rick rack.

cherry pie penelope vintage inspired retro half apron

Cherry Pie Half Apron.

Cooling it down a little for cozier weather with subtle pinks & grays. This fun retro inspired apron is still sophisticated enough for intimate cocktail gatherings. Ties can either be tied in a cute bow to match the bow on the skull’s head or left long to follow behind you as you race the kitchen on vintage roller skates.

women's half apron

Soft pink & gray winter apron for holiday entertaining.

And Finally a selection of my modern bistro Aprons… All featuring large deep 9″ pockets, plenty of room for tools.

Green leave motif modern bistro fall apron.

Modern  Fall inspired bistro apron

Modern fall inspired bistro apron, for entertaining

Fall berries modern bistro apron

Hope you’ve enjoyed what I have been making, stop by A Kitschy Kitchen for more selection!

I hope to do some serious baking tonight and have a cookie recipe coming your way tomorrow.

Cheers, Megan


3 thoughts on “Handmade Modern Aprons & Retro Vintage Inspired!

  1. I’m trying desperately to buy one of these super cute cherry aprons (hopefully in time to score a grab bag too!) but currently having issues with my PayPal account…as soon as that’s sorted…exciting! They are gorgeous!!!

      • Cool! I shall do that – thanks for the tip!

        Waterfalls and caribous refers to nowhere in particular – and at the same time everywhere! The title is representative to us as the symbol of always looking for something; the elusive waterfall…the caribou. To date, we have seen many waterfalls but no caribou which probably has a lot to do with the fact we stick to warmer climates, haha. Plus it means we can justify continuing to keep travelling and searching…!

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