Making Sugar Dough Fall Cookies

I get crazy ideas and a little carried away with themes and right now I am all about autumn so when I saw coloured cookie dough in fall colours on pinterest I had to do it…

Fall Inspired modern bistro apron.

This was a great after school activity and a distraction from  sewing & working on my apron shop. I made the sugar cookie dough the night before, but if you have time it only needs an hour chillin & relaxing. I divided the dough in three and mixed in a few drops of food colouring pastes, so much brighter than regular food colouring. It was mostly my daughter who assisted, my son was way to busy doing boy stuff, he helped taste test.

Billie presses the dough.

Billie helps press the dough, she is wearing one of my vintage aprons.

Elijah taste tests and gives a thumbs up.

Billie plates the cookies

Billie is practicing her plating skills.

One last thing, Elijah was my photography assistant, he took the photo of me holding the plater. After each click he says: Got it.

Hope you enjoy this fall inspiration, if you have any of your own seasonal inspirations drop me a line in the comments. I love sharing.



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