Top Ten Things in my Kitchen


One of several Pairs that I own.

1. Tongs… I can not begin to cook without them. They are my extra fingers and once you get deft with them you’ll be able to reach grab pull with nare a mark to your food items… just remember to be be gentle they are like giant tweezers and they will pinch (but that may be for another post).

2. Stainless steel bowls, for mixing, tossing and ingredient sorting, big ones, small ones, shiny ones… My favourite ones are from IKEA so that means they are cheap too.

3.Food Processor, my knife skills are not the best so this tool is indispensable  Chopping, grating, pureeing. I make some types of dough with it, dips and sauces.

4.Standmixer with attachments, four specifically- Whisk, I never have the patience to whip my own cream or eggs. bread hook, for Pizza Dough, paddle with rubber ribs for creaming butter, sugar and eggs and making my dough slurry, and finally roller for making sheets of pasta and thin crackers.

my Kitchen Aid, you can tell it is well loved by the fingerprints on the bowl.

5.Pizza Wheel/Peel- The large wooden board that you use to transport the freshly made pizza to your uber hot oven and back!  Friday is often Pizza Night in my house, or houses that I visit, I have been known to travel with this handy device.

6.Aprons, having a dinner party? Got on a nice clean outfit? Wanna keep it that way? My love for Aprons is no secret. I started making them because I wanted good quality nice looking ones. Ones that I could wear to the table as I frantically served dinner to friends and family.

7.Big Wood Cutting Block.. Have a big cutting surface that you can lay your ingredients out on. With a little love they will last a lifetime and they have natural antibiotic properties.

8.Wooden Spoon(s)… stirring, tossing, sautéing, mixing, tasting, you name it they are indispensable.

9.Rice Maker. I use to make rice on the stove top, I was quite religious about it and refused to buy a rice cooker… but then I had a family. It truly is a time saving device and  lets me direct my attention elsewhere. I no longer have to keep one eye on the back of head watching and waiting for my pot to  reach the critical boiling point to reduce to a simmer before I have rice starch all over my stove.  You don’t have to get an expensive fancy one, I think mine cost $12 two years ago and it is still going strong. It even has a steamer insert, but I’ve only used it once.

10.Cast Iron/Ceramic enamelled vessels… Dutch Oven or skillet, things that hold heat and can cook food slowly to release all the flavour.


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