Meatless Monday & Community.

Last week I asked for help. My husband sprung a work function on me at the last moment and we were required to bring a potluck item. So I turned to my family of food bloggers and asked the community for their sure wins… I got an overwhelming response  and so many good suggestions but I settled on a Quinoa salad by the Hungry Godess, it out of all of them had the most ingredients that I had on hand and the ones I didn’t I could easily sub other things. And that meant with little time to prepare No Shopping…


As you can see it is full of goodness & flavour… my changes included using blanched collard greens (I was fresh out of herbs), adding lemon zest and I used wild rice… it was what I had. I was worried that the avocado would get mushy but it held together. I even overheard one guest say to another “you have to try the quinoa salad”.

Thank You Andrea the Kitchen Witch for your Mac & Cheese Recipe and Michelle at Cook Better than Most Restaurants with your Baked Bean & Hummus suggestions, can’t wait to try them.



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