How to create Packaging for the Holidays.

Getting Creative with Holiday Packaging:

I kinda disappeared these past few weeks. I started off the month with a bang, determined to do a 3o day drawing challenge and that fizzled out. True I draw everyday, but not everything is publishable, and then I got busy. Busy with a capital B… I did not budget my time so well, partly because I never add things to calendars and partly I figure I do better under stress (rarely ever the case but I keep thinking it). This past weekend I did a Holiday Show in Seattle put on by a wonderful group of artists and crafters: EtsyRain. I had a great time and met like minded people, heard so many nostalgic stories apron related and got to spend some time with my family exploring Seattle neighbourhoods. What does all of this have to do with Holiday packaging? Because I ran out of time to make more aprons I had to come up with a quick fun idea: Apron Kits.

Kits for Fellow Apronistas, great add ons, already prepackaged in fun mason jars. Ideal for those that want to give the gift of DIY and Handmade. You can either make it yourself and give the finished product lovingly made by your own two hands, or give the kit as is prettily packaged, or keep it yourself for holiday entertaining.

Each Kit Includes*

  • One Pre-cut Apron pattern in a Cotton Get Cookin’ Cherry Motif.
  • Embellishments & Bias tape to give it pizzaz.
  • Instructions…
  • Some sewing experience required (but not a lot).

If anything  is unclear don’t worry I won’t leave you hanging. I am available for questions via email & several of the tutorials can be found here on my blog. The pre-cut apron is for a Penelope apron, I designed this apron myself based  & adapted on a vintage apron that I previously owned.

Check out some Other Simple Packaging Ideas:

*does not included, sewing machine, scissors, pins or thread… I use white contrast thread for most of mine but thought I would give each maker the option to choose contrast or not.


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