Hard facts, Holiday Shopping Sales are low, redefining success.

I know on the interwebs we all look like wonderful successful web-preneurs, but I will say it, my holiday sales are low. Granted better than last year, but that is because I took more risks, applied myself and made one big huge goal… which I am still long way off from meeting.Ginny Apron

I have been asking myself all sorts of questions about why is that? The one that sticks with me the most is. Do I charge too much?  The short answer is yes but the long answer the one that makers and consumers alike try to ignore is a big fat resounding No… So I thought I would do some simple calculations based on an another bloggers posting about the true cost of selling: Materials + Time = Cost, if I stop there that is reasonable. But then if I want to sell them Retail I have to think about it… And selling them retail? Whoa… not even a possibility.

ginny apron

So lets Break this Down. For an average apron Such as the Ginny Apron, it takes 1 yard of fabric $9.99, plus 2 packs of Bias Tape $4.58, plus 1/3 yrd Rickrack $.20, Plus $2 for thread plus sales tax (WA state 6.5%). = $17.86*

I spend the average of 1/2 hr prepping (going to the store, travel,washing, ironing, cutting, concept- I like to mix & match fabrics, plus I have designed or adapted most of the aprons). Plus an average of 4 hrs sewing. So how much should I pay myself? I say $10… only slightly more than most minimum wages (my babysitter gets paid more than this). 4.5 X 10 = $45 we are now up to $62.86.

Now if I wanted to sell them to a store wholesale. $125.72 each and if I wanted to make my aprons available on my site comparable to what the store would charge, 2 X wholesale price= $ 251.44 .     Yikes!!!!!

If I was making and selling cocktail dresses possibly, but making and selling aprons is not a viable business… No matter how I do the math. I so wish it were, I love making them. Doing it right, I love coming up with new patterns, paying attention to details. I am a craftsman.

So, what happens when your love  & passion of doing a great job don’t match your expectations and meet your monetary goals. How do you define success then?

* to cut my base cost I do my best to buy fabric on sale (but sometimes that is not possible).


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