Entertaining at a playdate made simple with a Kit!

Yesterday we had a playdate… My daughter wanted to have tea party… She carefully made place settings, we planned a menu (hot chocolate with whipped cream, sprinkles & cookies) I made place mats

butterfly placemat

(she wanted butterflies),bought fancy dress up clothes, china and doilies… Since moving to our new home (6 months ago) we haven’t had many kids over to play… This was a special treat and I wanted only the best… For entertainment I thought we’d keep it simple and decorate a gingerbread house, tis being the season and all.

So I bought a Gingerbread House Kit from Trader Joe’s. People who know me may be a little shocked but I have a recently become a convert of kits. I even created a DIY apron kit.

ginger bread house

I think they give the confidence to do something you wouldn’t normally do and the time saved by having everything in one place ready to go is awesome.  No forgetting at the store that one little thing you needed.  Not to mention often they are creatively packaged and make wonderful gifts (ok more shameless plugging). So yes I bought a kit. I am not  an expert gingerbread house builder, having a little boost to get things going helped my kids and I accomplish something that I probably would have skipped over this year. Not to mention it was great for my kids to do with their friend!

building a ginger bread kit

Oh and I got a “best playdate ever” exclamation!


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