New Year Inspiration & Reflections

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about what we want to see in the coming year. Part of that is reflecting on what we did in the past year.philosophy

My prominent goal was to do more art. This I feel like accomplished, my second was to be more self sufficient and make a business out of my sewing, this I feel I did not.  And then there were the things that happened, my family and I took several trips, we moved houses (again), and sadly my father passed away without warning.

Change happens, it is how we deal with that change that determines who we are and what we’ll become. We have a lot of changes facing us in the upcoming year and my wish, my goal is to take what I learned this past and apply to what will be this coming year.


I wish Everyone A Happy New year…. Let’s start year off right…Cook More, Spend more time with Family, Take Chances & Roll with the Punches! CHANGE is a good word.

sale A Kitschy Kitchen

I am having a sale in my etsy shop, trying to clean out inventory. One of my goals for the new year to take a realistic look at the use of my time and prioritize, and that means stepping back from a Kitschy Kitchen. I am not quitting but I am redefining (This is a future post). Everything has been marked down by 25%.  Sale Ends Midnight PST January 1, 2013.




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