New Year, New Creativity, New Changes

To me the start of the new year is the day that I actually start doing things! That is usually January 2nd. January 1 is about either a) recovering from Dec 31st and or b)spending time with the family… This year it was the latter, though we went to friends house the night before we did not stay long and my husband and I after putting B & E to bed, had a nice quiet evening.

mt baker

If we hadn’t had a nice quiet (boring) night before, we would not have been able to this, and this was awesome!

So January 2 is when it all begins: To kick off another year of expanding my creativity I decided to restart my Create Daily* online class.  Day 1: Make Room to Create… That meant cleaning my studio space.

a bomb gas gone off

It saw a lot of action this past year!

my studio

It feels so good to have a fresh clean start.

*If you haven’t heard of Alisa Burke I highly recommend checking out her website/blog. I won’t be telling you every single lesson in the Create Daily class, because then why take it? But every now and a then I will use it as my starting point for a few of my posts and show you some of my progress!

Happy Creating!



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