Playing hooky and taking a month off.

I’ve kinda taken most of the last month off… Playing around with new ideas, thinking about introducing a few new kitcheny items to my shop and planning a giveaway… (I had promised it for today, but it can wait a few more days… You want it to be good right?)

So this is what I have, no new aprons right now, but some smaller things. I’ve been working on mug rugs, just because they are cute and practical, IPad pillows, I love to cook but am tired of my iPad resting on a cutting board and getting my sticky fingers all over it, plus it lets me read a book and drink wine without having to put one or the other down. Finally I have made more painted wooden spoons (Kay I didn’t actually make the spoons but I did patiently paint them). You can now find them in my A Kitschy KItchen shop. They are a great add on to gifts…ie great Valentine’s day gift tied with a recipe card for a decadent dessert.

Ombre is everywhere, red is everywhere, Valentine’s is in the air!

I started dipping wooden spoons to accent gifts and swag bags! People were so thrilled that I wanted to bring them to my shop and make them available to you . You can add them as an accent on kitchen themed gifts (such as an apron) or to brighten up your kitchen decor.

So there you go… Other than renovating a bathroom (can’t wait to show you a before & after), completing personal creative projects, getting my kids back to school, and all that other post holiday hoopla (I know you are doing it to), things have been pretty quiet around here.


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