Sick Days :Thumbprint Cookies.

I had such high ambitions to make cupcakes to show off my latest dessert plates… but it is hard when you are out of almost everything and you are house bound with two sick children…. Twins, they do everything together. So instead I made thumbprint cookies… So simple so delicious and hit the spot completely… I had to hide some to use for photos today….

a kitschy kitchen blog

a kitschy kitchen

They are simple butter cookies rolled into 1″ balls, indented with, thats right you guessed it- a thumbprint and filled will Raspberry Jam before baking. I left some empty, baked half way through and re-pressed to keep the indent. I have some lemon curd and salted caramel that I am going to fill them with! I used this recipe but there are several!

a kitschy kitchen

Do you have a special treat for Sick Days?

PS,  If you want some of these plates for your next Tea Party they are now for sale in my A Kitschy Kitchen Shop!


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