Vintage Dress Make over…

A few weeks ago I made a request on twitter- It is highly effective when you are looking for just the right thing, someone always has an answer (right or wrong)! My Request was “I am mid century obsessed, anybody have any great dress patterns?” To which I got a reply almost instantly, from Heather at FarmCityVintage…. She had two original still with factory fold dress patterns and fabric from Her MIL’s closet. Both dresses had clean simple lines, a jiffy to sew up and with notions all ready to go…. except for one thing, size. Both dresses were exactly one size too large! Enter make over here….

vintage dress pattern

I am not making over the dress per say, I am grading it down to my size. This involves tracing the pattern, determining where to remove size and then redrawing it. I am following this tutorial by Elegant Musings– She makes attacking vintage patterns look very easy. With Fingers Crossed I will have a new Vintage dress to my size! The Next few Photos are of my process!

grading vintage pattern

Front Piece

graded pattern

First I shortened it at the waist & hem, then made three horizontal lines dissecting the pattern into three pieces, and removed the width by a total of 1″- when done I will have removed 4″ total (2 in the front & 2 in the back). I had to re-draw my darts (something I am bit nervous about!).

I can’t wait to update my process and show you the finished dress. FramCityVintage has a seconded dress in her shop you can find the link in my  vintage resources page… You should check it out! Maybe we can do a sew along!

*update the mock dress I did turned out great… I’ll try to get a better photo of it and post it soon… I have decided I need to adjust my darts, but other than that the fit is great.

In the meantime don’t forget to check out my aprons in my A Kitschy Kitchen shop, I think I am going to adding cocktail dresses very soon!


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